Claim + Evidence Across the Curriculum

January 15, 2014

In support of our goal of creating common language, we are looking at procedures and processes to support these goals in all academic areas (ELA, science, etc...)

The Three Sentence Essay:  CLAIM IT / CITE IT / CLARIFY IT

The challenge is to apply this formula to the math department
        • U/P/S 
          • Understand  - underline key words, reword
          • Plan
          • Solve - 
Again, the challenge is consistency of language - deconstructing texts - see the PDFs attached at the bottom of the page

NEXT STEPS - More Inter-Departmental Consistency of Language ... Then, we can have the department leaders merge ...

January 22, 2014

Check out the attachment on the bottom of the page that connects "Claim + Evidence" in math class with the upcoming SUPER BOWL 2014

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