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Welcome to the Start of an Exciting and Challenging Year

posted Sep 9, 2013, 10:38 AM by Tracy Karas   [ updated Sep 16, 2013, 8:33 AM ]
We are excited to see our returning students as well as those of you new to the Marta Valle family.  All of your teachers, counselors and support staff wish you the greatest academic success and are committed to assisting you as you work toward graduating on time and ready for college or career.

Some things have changed at Marta Valle, like our bell schedule, so please pay attention to the times that your classes start and end.  Many things remain the same, like our expectation that you will follow all the rules and regulations; like our expectation that you will do your best work and continue to make the Marta Valle school community the best in NYC.

Each of your teachers will be reviewing some of our rules and expectations, which will be strictly enforced in order for all of us to have a successful year.

  1. 100% daily attendance
  2. Be on time to all classes
  3. Be prepared for success and complete all assignments
  4. Be respectful to and supportive of all members of the MVHS community
  5. No electronics
  6. No food or drinks in the classrooms
  7. Lockers are restricted to the start and end of your school day
  8. No hats or head wear except for religious purposes
We encourage you to get involved in the wonderful activities we have planned for you - Video and Music Production in room 255; Music Recording in room 349; Art in room 201; Fitness in room 257; Library Media Research in room 265; Math Tutoring in room 367; Science Tutoring in room 301; History Tutoring in room 149.  Also, rugby, ping pong, PSAL boys basketball, girls basketball, and girls volleyball.

We expect and encourage you to follow all rules and regulations.  Have a productive year!
Be Prepared, Punctual, Productive, Polite and Positive.

On behalf of the staff at MVHS, 

Jannett Bailey, Principal, I.A.
Afifa Khanam, Assistant Principal
Joseph Springer, Assistant Principal