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Spring Term Marking Periods & Family Conference Dates Confirmed

posted Feb 7, 2013, 8:44 AM by Tracy Karas   [ updated Feb 7, 2013, 8:50 AM ]
Spring 2013 Marta Valle High School

Marking Periods and Family Conferences

Spring Term 2012-2013

Marking Period# of Days in the Marking PeriodDatesGrade Due DateFamily Conferences
337 Days01/29-04/05/1304/08/13Thursday, 03/14 Evening

Friday, 03/15,  Afternoon
444 Days04/08-06/11/1306/17/13Wednesday, 05/13/13

There are two marking periods per term at Marta Valle High School:

  • Marking Period Three Ends on 04/04/12
  • Marking Period Four Ends on 06/12/12
  • Course grades are an evaluation of each student’s mastery of Learning Standards for that course.
  • All grades for each term (two per year at Marta Valle) appear on the Report Card.  
  • The grades for both term one and term two appear on the transcript.  
  • Every Marking Period COUNTS.

Annualized Learning
An annualized instructional approach (which we use at Marta Valle) is one where a course’s syllabus, scope, sequence, lesson plans, assessments, and grading policy reflect a 36-week learning cycle (typically with the same teacher and students).  A school may be instructionally annualized (as Marta Valle is), but choose to document course grades and credit on the transcript more than once a year (which we do). As such, schools that offer annualized learning may choose any term model available in STARS (year-long, semester, trimester or cycle).  Adopting an annualized approach does not mean that a school must adopt a year long term model in STARS. We have chosen a semester model in STARS and students’ transcripts reflect that. A school that offers an annualized program and uses a semester, trimester or cycle term model may update grades and credits documented earlier in the year based on a student’s performance later in the school year in accordance with the school’s grading policy.  This policy is part of the Marta Valle High School Grading Policy.