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ChildSight Program Offering Free Vision Screening October 9th

posted Oct 1, 2012, 11:29 PM by Tracy Karas
Helen Keller International

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are excited to share news with you regarding Helen Keller International’s ChildSight® Program.  ChildSight®,  in Collaboration with the New York Department of Education, will be coming to Marta Valle High School on Tuesday, October 9.  The ChildSight® Program will provide free vision screening and eyeglasses to MVHS students.  The program will provide an initial visual acuity screening to all students within the 9-12th grades.  For those students who appear to have difficulty seeing correctly, a simple refraction assessment will be conducted by a licensed optometrist in order to determine a proper prescription for your adolescent.  Based on the findings of this assessment, a free pair of eye glasses will be provided to your adolescent or a referral to a local provider for a comprehensive examination will be provided.

This vision screening and refraction does not exclude the necessity of a more comprehensive eye exam.  We encourage you to be aware of your adolescent’s eye health and vision, and to take your adolescent for regular check-ups every year.

As noted, if your adolescent fails the initial vision acuity screening, he or she will then be provided a refraction assessment, a prescription will be written, and she/he will receive a pair of attractive eyeglasses either immediately or within two weeks if they need to be ordered.  All services, including the provision of eyeglasses, will occur within the school.  A letter will go home stating your adolescent’s prescription for your files and a copy of your adolescent’s prescription will be kept in the School Nurse’s office.

If the ChildSight® Program Optometrist finds the need for a comprehensive eye exam for your adolescent, he will refer your adolescent to an ophthalmologist at a participating hospital. You will receive a letter with the contact information of providers and the reason for the referral.

The ChildSight® Program will also provide a free carrying case for your adolescent to protect his or her glasses.  Please encourage your son/daughter to handle their eyeglasses carefully.  If your adolescent’s eyeglasses are ever lost or broken, the ChildSight® Program will provide your adolescentd with a second free pair.  For additional information regarding the ChildSight® Program please contact Martha Moses, ChildSight® Assistant Program Coordinator, at 917-892-2790 or 212-532-0544 ext. 820.

Vision is one of our greatest gifts and a basic need.  Improved vision may help your adolescent improve his or her grades.  If your adolescent receives eyeglasses, please ask your adolescent about them and encourage your adolescent to wear and protect them. 

If you do not consent to your adolescent taking part in this program or if you have any concerns or questions, please call Family Worker Nora Cartagena at 212.473.8152                

Most warmly,

 Mimi Fortunato