2015 School Survey


·         Almost 90% of parents are satisfied with the education their children received last year, a jump of over 20%. Over 90% said they were satisfied with the responses they get when they contacted our school.

·         More than 70% of teachers said they looked forward to going to work, an increase of over 20%.  Just under 70% of teachers would recommend this school to parents seeking a place for their child, a dramatic change from just over 20% last year. 95% of teacher said they share and discuss student work with each other, a testimony to our collaborative practices.

·         Just under 60% of students said that the school offers a wide variety of programs, classes and activities to keep them interested in school. This more than doubles the number of students who felt this way last year. Just under 90% of students said they felt safe in our school which is also a rise of almost 20%.

·         92% of students are clear about what they need to do in order to get good grades and the same percent (92%) said they knew what their teachers want them to learn. Just under 100% of students say that teachers expect them to work hard and 96% said they are expected to do their best work at all times.

·         This speaks to the work we have been doing all year around improving instructional practice and the high expectations we have for ourselves and our students.